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Dr Natalie Weir of Strathclyde University visits Bergen as part of North 2 North Staff Mobility

The Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences is seeking to establish a collaborative relationship with the School of Pharmacy at the University of Bergen. To facilitate this, Dr Weir (Strathclyde) and Dr Kjome (Bergen) applied for north2north academic mobility funds, provided by the University of the Arctic, to allow Dr Weir to visit the University of Bergen. This sought 10,000 Norwegian Krone (approx. £1000 pounds sterling) via a short one-page application to support travel, accommodation, and consumable costs.

Dr Natalie Weir

As part of this visit, Dr Weir toured the University of Bergen Teaching and Research Facilities; offered a Guest Talk on the Scottish Pharmacy Landscape and Pharmacy Education Evolution; presented on Strathclyde pharmacy research; and, attended talks and meetings with University of Bergen academics, teaching staff, and doctoral students.

Key areas identified where the University of Strathclyde can support Bergen colleagues is within the fields of Implementation Science and Behavioural Change, and areas where Bergen colleagues can support Strathclyde teaching efforts includes Ethics, Pedagogical Debating and Decision Making. This collaborative relationship will underpin future shared research supervision (e.g. of Masters / PhD Students), with ambitions of a joint grant application for a UKRI and RCN (the Research Council of Norway) funding opportunity. Dr Weir will also present to Strathclyde colleagues on the shared learning and proposed recommendations.

by Dr Natalie Weir


You can find out more about the UArctic north2north mobility programme here.

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